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English Translate: Sai Zar Drancher

Greetings all. 

Again his blogguer CBAngel forgotten returning after holding this space for A month? Or maybe A little over a month? Anyway, in compensation for this lack of continuity mine, go up two interviews of people who truly deserve a standing ovation, as they always work shows impeccable, like our last exponent their faces are perfectly suited to each one of the characters they play.
And now the first one, is someone who I can truly say has given me tremendous pleasure of treating it as closely, and even more grateful for your unconditional friendship. Without further ado, I am pleased to present Miss Sai Zar Drancher so far undefeated in the regional contest cosplay gentleman and first place in the national competition held in 2012 Cosplay Imagine Expo in Oaxaca, Mexico. This beautiful lady is pure Mexican talent undoubtedly his charisma, beaming smile, his kindness is simply matchless or delicate dealing with people, which makes her win the love and admiration of many, and also managed to inspire many.
Maybe I can say that it is relatively young in this world of cosplayers, but what's the difference? She is definitely the way to some of the largest. His actions always spectacular make the audience excited and think that this almost entirely within the series or the comic it's based his suit in question
Anyway ... it could give a long description about it, but I think it's best to go directly to the interview. Enjoy it.

- How long have you cosplay?
I have about 6 years doing this wonderful art.

- How did you get it?
For it was strange, because dwarf always asked my mom a sailor moon costume but I guess he could not give me money. Years later when I went to the cosplay mole knew and liked, when walking through the halls I saw a dress Sakura Haruno, knees and begged my mother wanted.
Then I found out that if I was not charged cosplay entry, and that meant $ 50 for me and only me. So take me Sakura dress, not expecting photos even be looked at. Since I have always considered a little person unattractive, but began asking me .. Magically photos, thank god I knew the poses of Sakura and started posing. The money I save I invested in two kunais and followed by posing for the camera expo je nn

- What was your first costume and why you made?
Haruno Sakura was, and I did not lie by coda, and had no money. But the officer, and you all know as my first cosplay sasuke is the girl, which use one of the first exhibitions of my city and the third place to win, see the photos of this outfit gives me little pain, I was so small and sloppy, but ... at the same time gives me warmth, that dress did with my own inexperienced hands

- Before making any suit what you notice first?
UUF it varies depending on the costume. But usually I notice there's something I like about the character's personality to get him out, I like to get into the character's mind and know it inside to begin to feel passion, love and admiration for him so we can put all my effort into make the costume and know how to move, act or pose as him on stage.

- How do you choose your costume materials, tools, etc?
For fabrics noticing as I have to move the suit, or how it looks in the pictures, so I can know if I use opaque shiny fabric or cloth while wearing crinoline or not. I like to go to fabric stores with multiple images on hand to compare the textures and weights, sometimes I take someone to give me their opinion, either my mom or a friend
My weapons and accessories were developed by different materials, I like to use dough bakeable to my masks and my hair accessories, my horns and some swords have done with paper mache or wood. Recently a friend ... well several, I was advised to start working the foamy and have obtained very good results. I recommend it but they have to be very patient and delicate to work with.
When I use wings like send to make the frame especially my size, so that it is proportional to my size, and I already lining feathers or gasita, I have also made some wings of foamy with good results too.

- What is your creative process (preparation) for a costume?
Well try to be brief for that, and let me know you might not even know how I sack.
1.-choose character: sometimes I just like to see him in the suit by the network, sometimes series or comics I read. No matter you are woman or man, but try your complexion is similar to mine.
2. - Know the character: I never liked make character costumes do not know, mainly because I almost always performance in contests and I like to be true to the character in his attitude, his demeanor and his philosophy. So I start researching they like or how they act, see the series, read the manga / comic, I look at wikis, online, no doubt like to stay with me.
3. - Sack costume sketches to see how it is, you analyze the pictures to decide how elaborate and how.
4.-bought materials.
5. - Draw clothes: sometimes because of the university or the family, I can do my suits at 100%, I have a lady who helps with this, but I'm always on the lookout for how you do it or the modifications to to do, it just makes the base of the dress and I like sleeves accessories, decorations, appliances, fabric paint or a setting she can not or do not understand. I am very grateful to Irma I have much patience for my craziness, we always end up talking about the kind of cut the dress is or whether it will move vo neck is almost my grandmother. When I have time I elaborated with the help of my family.
6. - Develop detailed accessories and clothes: I have the suit because I like to start with the little details: glue or sew rhinestones to clothing, put gallon or strip joints in fabric, paint or put appliques trifles.
After beginning with the accessories, hats or hair ornaments, after arms, sleeves and shoes, which are always a problem to get them or fix them but they are very important.
7. - Makeup test: to see how I resemble my features to the character, that's always fun because sometimes there is no way I want and I end up screaming at midnight.
9. - Develop performance and record sounds: when I like to prepare for competition always something magical, so the whole elaborate costume I think I will do on stage and since I have everything I write the script, and I put Cravo music Irlo listening and practicing.

- How many suits you have performed about?
Mmmh ... sugun my gallery ... about 30 different outfits, not to mention that I'm working and still no sac are like ... 6
- Do you have a favorite? (Explain why)
Uff, I could not choose one as a favorite, each has great sentimental value for me.

Grell Sutcliff (dress more beautiful death, Kuroshitsuji): He Is So weird, crazy, bizarre, I love to wear that outfit percent because that's all that I can do, go out there pimping the kids, and coqueteándoles is sooo funny.

Halibell (Resurrection manga version, Bleach): This is a costume so controversial, so tiny and revealing, I had to do it secretly because my mother did not approve and was very controversial because it put a mesh parts not to move and many girls complained about it, I wear it but gave little pain ... so loved the character, he wanted to get each of their versions. When I saw my mom got me super nervous. But nothing could be done. And I was happy with the result.

Len Kagamine (Vocaloid): was my first cosplay regional first, and my first dramatic performance, almost I mourn him publicly.

Ben Tennison (Ben 10 Alien Force): that was one of my first cosplays as a child, I like it because when taking the photos was around saying he was my boyfriend and everyone said that if he was okay looking, hahaha that killed me with laughter I'm a pretty good guy.

Lady Ciel (Kuroshitsuji): oh that dress makes me princess, I feel so pretty when I wear it, so small and delicate ... almost cried of happiness.

D'Armon (Digimon Frontier, the movie) was my second costume won first place was so full, so full of details that it took more than an hour to put it, but I love to spend time with my family and friends arming full of hope

Chrysalis Queen (My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic): this ginjinka or human version I like, was my own design and was very accepted by the public. In addition to use as disarms and party dress ... and the last time a girl of about 5 years I was approached me and looking at me with puppy dog ​​eyes I said "hey, you look very pretty today" almost breaks my AAWH heart

I have more and could continue to count, but I think this will be the last:

Seth Nightroad (Empress Augusta Vradica, Trinity Blood): I chose this dress for the regional contest gentleman to defend my title as women's representative for the third consecutive year and to give gentleman a good place in the national cosplay. It was challenging because I moved and I ordered a mobile rack for the wings, the costume was so elaborate and convoluted that it took over two months to choose the fabric, a month on it and about three weeks of intensive work to decorate , there were days that began sewing at 4 after school and went to sleep at 2 or more in the morning and after school again. But all that was worth my staying very emotional performance and thank God for the little people who helped me develop the suit we brought the first women's cosplay.

- Is there someone you admire?
God, of course. I am a newbie here, I'm just learning and I have many people that I admire most Mexicans, and that strikes me more his nature that his works:

Alex Rousseau with his Iron Man armor is perfect, no other word, w * seriously * yes, he and the other avengers shield against me and I am filled with grief to speak.

 Rina Inverse: the first professionals I met, very friendly very nice, and always so detailed

Haru Yamasaki: always so beautiful, and so ... magical costumes, steals your soul to them, aaah beautiful. So sweet, was very friendly when we met in Oaxaca.

Pikminklink: ooh god love him, I wanted a husband, my dream was bizarre ... until I knew she was a child. Yet I still love her, I love her no matter!!

Baquiero Manolo: I met him shortly but ... god, as he got into my heart, eye Hawk costume was perfect, every detail was carefully. And I could tell from his other works was very meticulous with details and even though I knew it was good was always helping, giving advice and getting you out smiles. It was admirable the way he

Alex Fuu: more than what I admire, is so good with details and unfolds on stage as a master, impresses me as a job and as a person, is very friendly and always there for me helping and advising .

And many, many more, that I can not or would a book.

- Is there a particular reason for this?
I said in the previous with each N.N

-Something you'd like to say to all those who wish to start with the cosplay or do not know.

Characters that look like them, so they can engage with enthusiasm to the suit and love the result above all criticism and negative comments.

I know the beginning is difficult, and sometimes you can not make the costume alone, but even a costume bought or ordered to do there are always details to fix or improve, and those details are the ones that give soul to suit so please to clarify them, Put them pebbles, monkeys, feathers, ribbons, what you create but if they pónganselos born.

Always be kind to people, and recognized photographers attending the expos that's always the best and speak well of you, you never know who might be a good friend.

Be respectful of those who ask for photos and dense to respect, if you happen to smart people díganselos and do not let them mess that hand or harass.

That's all, thank you very much ... I know I'm a bit long but I wanted to do it very well because it is for a great friend of mine. Hope you like the experiences of this little cosplayer

And as is the custom I leave a few of your best shots.
Also if you want to see a little more of it, I recommend looking at Facebook, I assure you will not regret.
Until the next issue!
Enjoy it!

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