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English Translate: Akira Silver

Greetings again!

And how I plan to leave this thing again, I just decided to first read and reread, then edit a new interview. To be honest I'm almost back to receive a positive response of the cosplayer and I think it was even worse when I started to check the interview, I swear that my hands were shaking ... it was ... it was a dream come true, was that almost creérmela could not, but, well ... I guess the nervousness and I have come down slightly.
Now what concerns me ...
For this week I am proud to introduce you to the talented Akira Silver, well I can admit that his features seem to have been directly taken from any anime series and brought to reality. Adapts easily to the characters decide to do, the time that you love the facial expression from the beginning. Just as I confess my excitement and nervousness I can also admit my admiration for her (hopefully not read me so ... exaggerated). As one of our beautiful cosplayer, she is originally from Monterrey (And up north, gentlemen!), Old ... just do not ask me I do not know exactly, but I get the light that we are almost spine or of the same age.
No more for now I leave you with the interview.

How long have you cosplay?
I think he does as 6 or 7 years

How did you get it?
Seeing other cosplayers at conventions, before going to buy one until I decided to do a cosplay with my brother

What was your first costume and why you made?
My first crossplay genin sasuke was to, I did it because at that time and so far I really liked the anime Naruto and because I identify with that character

Before any suit what you notice first?
I stay in character and above all I like, always choose characters that I like

How do you choose your costume materials, tools, etc?
I try to find fabrics or accessories as similar may be possible, if this beyond me and ask for help or advice that I am not good at crafts but I do try to make it as best you can

What is your creative process (preparation) for a costume?
First choose the character because this character which makes sure the wig look, pupilentes, accessories and shoes that I keep getting longer with fabrics

How many suits do made about?
As about 25

- Do you have a favorite? (Explain why)
The Sasuke, as it was my first crossplay and meet new people achieved thanks to this crossplay

Is there someone you admire?

Is there a particular reason for this?
I love your Cosplays and Crossplays

Something you'd like to say to all those who wish to start with the cosplay or do not know.
Do cosplay to have fun and live healthy because after all is just a hobby cosplay

Well, by this time was a bit short, but still think we got to know her a little better.
And to keep the custom, I give you a selection of your best photographs ... although I must admit it took me to pick only one per suit. Again, and I love his expression almost impossible to pick.

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